Missed Out on Amazon Prime Deals Not to Worry Many Still Abound

Here’s an incentive that will end soon along with a few others. 

But don’t panic there’s plenty for everyone.

And by the way, if you don’t have an Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card,now’s the time to get one. With it, you’ll receive a $150 Amazon Gift Card when you’re approved of course.

As a Prime member, you can get wonderful deals on video, which includes 99 cent streaming subscriptions, nice. Do you think that’s good?

There’s more. Amazon’s guide on how to win at Prime Day in order to prepare yourself for the many ways to save. You’ll also be able to check out Amazon’s own Prime Day page for updates.

In the meantime there are some of the bargains still on offer, so hurry, you don’t want to miss out on all that’s left, and there’s a lot! And don’t forget July 4th will have many deals too.

Take the QKK QK03 for example which is Priced at $129.99 and has the latest upgrade Brightness and Resolution for 2021.

Also adopting the latest LCD display technology with brightness to 6500Lux. Resolution is 720P unlike other 480P projectors on sale. 

And the lovely thing is that you can have an indoor and outdoor home theater. Wish my Dad had lived to see just how far technology has come. He loved his Super 8 Projector!

Easily connect withyour home router. Synchronize your smartphone with Lightning/USB cable.No expensive HDMI adaptors.

This Multi-Media Home Theater Projector has AV/USB/Sd/HDMI/VGA/Headphone plug allowing play on PCs, Macs, video games such as PS3/Xbox, blur-ray DVD player, TV stick and more.

A few more details for you here:

QKK is the brand name and QK03 is the model number 

Weighing 3.41 pounds

The package dimensions are 9.61 x 9.34 x 4.41 inches.

And it is not discontinued by the manufacturer.

QKK QK03 has a 3 year 100% satisfied offer and if you have any questions you can contact and get an immediate reply from their professional technical department. What could be fairer than that? If you like that item then you might be interested in quite a few more. You can peruse the “leftovers” here.  

But don’t worry if you miss out on any of the Prime Day Deals “leftovers” the 4 th of July Deals is just around the corner!

My 5 Favourite Review Posts

My 5 Favourite Review Posts


Plagiarism and how to catch a thief first and foremost

Exercise to heal your back pain

While standing and learning how to be the best blogger

So that you can retire with a good investment

I just love the work these women entrepreneurs do


How To Be A Good Oldie Newbie Blogger

 How To Be A Good Oldie Newbie Blogger

How to be a good oldie newbie blogger, you might ask. Well, you see I’ve only been blogging and writing articles for 10 years. During that time everything changed so much that when I finally came to grips with things, I had to relearn them all again.

Frustrating, to say the least, and many times I really wanted to give up, but something kept me at it. And I’m glad I did. I suppose I didn’t relish being a failure for my own sake more than anyone else’s. Many of you probably work alone as I do, so there’s no one to ask for help or advice.

Too Many Blogging Courses

To be sure, there are plenty of experts on the net only too willing to offer their help for a hefty price.  I have probably bought too many of them and learned precious little. That’s one thing I have certainly grasped as an oldie newbie. Have to put a stop to the “shiny object syndrome” once and for all.

It’s hard though when people you know and trust encourage you to buy this product or that. So you believe it will solve some of your problems making your work that bit easier. They mean well and they have a business to run. My problem is a double-edged sword in that I want to run a successful affiliate marketing business. What I don’t want to do is pester people to buy from me at every hand’s turn.

Pitching Products To Blog About

I unsubscribe from people’s lists when it happens to me, so I know how it feels. I don’t like it at all. How to find a happy medium, that’s the question. I have no wish to send 3-4 emails daily pitching products. There has to be a better way and I intend to learn how.

I have come this far and despite what I’ve said previously, something has to have sunk in. I know I’ll find my way. I’ll do this marketing thing honestly and with integrity. That has been my long term aim and goal.

Honest Successful Marketers

I do know a number of very decent people who are affiliate marketers, not personally of course. All are extremely successful in this field. I admire them very much and try to adhere to their standards. So you could say I have learned something valuable.

I also have a word of advice, do your research before you buy, especially expensive software. Make sure it’s going to be around for the long haul. Check out if it’s maintained and updated frequently.

Sometimes the odd greedy vendor will just take his software off the market leaving his customers high and dry, having purchased it for a few hundred dollars. That’s a lot for some starting out.

So you must do your due diligence and be sure not to put your hard-earned money into his bank account. Do a careful check to see if he has done this in the past, and don’t buy from him. There are so many honest and decent men and women vendors to choose from.

So who are these good people and where are they? All in plain sight and in fact I’m going to make a list of them for you. To point you in the direction of where and how to set up a platform for your blog, if you haven’t already. How to find and choose a domain name and then a hosting company.

I’ll also give you a list of resources to start your blog and lead you hopefully to take directions from some of these experts. I’ll leave you with this bit of advice, keep on moving forward and if you get discouraged just tell yourself you can do it. After all, millions are.

 Ezine @rticles Expert Author

7 Exercises To Heal Your Back Simply And Effectively

7 Exercises To Heal Your Back Simply and effectively

7 exercises to heal your back simply and effectively, it’s true, it can be achieved. I know only too well about healing your back. I’m also living proof that you can heal your back with these 7 simple and effective exercises. I stand and dance while working on my PC. 

we are a professional review site and we get pId if anyone buys our affiliate productsYou see when I was quite a young mother with 3 small children I had my first attack of sciatica. It literally bent me over and I felt like an old woman. I couldn’t sit, stand or lie down without pain and discomfort.

You don’t expect this kind of pain when you’re young and you’ve got a young family to look after. It was a trying time, to say the least of it.

It’s one of the most debilitating back pains, travelling all the way down your leg. I remember when it first started, we were at a friend’s house for dinner, and I thought I could forget about it for a few hours.

I never imagined there could be a book with 7 exercises to heal your back simply and effectively. 

An Answer To Healing Your Back Simply And Effectively

Well, I squirmed on our friend’s dining chair for the entire meal, discreetly trying to get some relief, and being too polite to say I need to go home. The pain was so bad but I stupidly sat it out or rather squirmed it out.

My Dad had bouts of Lumbago so I thought I had the same and had inherited it from him, well I probably did. They’re all connected. Anyway, a friend of his, an amateur masseur helped him and he wanted me to have the same treatment.7 exercises to heal your back simply and effectively

I don’t doubt Dad’s friend had a natural talent but I preferred to have a doctor’s opinion. So, I walked to our doctor’s surgery completely bent over and embarrassed. 

I was glad I did because our GP sent me for an Xray to make sure there was nothing sinister lurking around my spine. And thankfully there wasn’t. Please do the same as me, you need to get your doctor’s advice before you do these exercises. The exercise program goes like this.

  • Lying face down
  • Lying face down in extension
  • Extension in lying
  • Extension in standing
  • Flexion in lying
  • Flexion in sitting
  • Flexion in standing

They are not hard or even taxing and when you get used to them and wait for it-the pain has eased or possibly gone. You will thank your lucky stars you found this post. Of course, if your pain is very severe it will obviously take a bit longer. But you do have to follow the exercises to a tee.

A Book Written By Dr Robin McKenzie

And then he introduced me to a book written by Dr Robin McKenzie, a New Zealander who specializes in spinal disorders. My Dr advised me to get this book and make it my Bible, and I did. 

Dr Robin Mc Kenzie is internationally recognized for his understanding and treatment of musculoskeletal problems. And that is why you should have his ‘Bible’ if you have back pain. Or indeed neck pain, shoulder pain or knee pain. 

But one day a friend of mine was in acute pain with no apparent reason so in my enthusiasm to share my wonderful relief I lent her my Bible.  Never got it back, you’d think I’d learned my lesson, no, it had to happen twice before I started letting people know where to get their own Bible.

You Can Manage Your Back Pain

To my mind, Dr Robin Mc Kenzie is a genius and the bee’s knees, because following his advice and exercises I have managed my back problem for years. And when I say managed I mean pain-free for most of that time.

If and when I feel the first twinge I’m down on the floor stopping it in its tracks. I also take his advice on keeping 7 exercises to heal your back simply and effectivelygood posture, as he maintains that 90% of back pain is due to bad posture.

My husband once asked me to describe the pain. And at the time I could only say that if I could cut my leg off at the top of my thigh I might have relief. Thankfully my back problem did not require any drastic operations, only helpful exercises. Combine these with a healthy diet and you’re on a winner.

So get your hands on this inexpensive book, do all the exercises, bending down and picking up heavy objects in the correct way.

Sitting, and standing while keeping your back in the proper posture will give you years of continual relief. And you’ll enjoy your life to the fullest.

And you’ll be pain-free I can promise you that. Do remember to make ‘Treat Your Own Back’ your ‘Bible’, keeping it with you at all times.

Dr Robin McKenzie also wrote, Treat your own Neck, Treat your own Shoulder and Treat your own Knee and Shoulder. Through in his book about treating Spinal Stenosis and you have Mr. Wonderful. You can find all of these remedies on the same page

Kay Collier, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

How To Avoid Plagiarism and Catch A Thief with DMCA

How to avoid plagiarism and catch a thief with DMCA

How to avoid plagiarism and catch a thief with DMCA. I’m here to prove that you can avoid plagiarism while catching the culprit at the same time. I found a wonderful site that I didn’t know existed 3 weeks ago. DMCA Website Protection Pro

I wish I’d known before about the DMCA, it stands for, Digital Millenium Copyright ACT. The company was formed by a group of experienced entrepreneurs, developers and digital managers.

They knew that the never-ending plagiarism and theft of other’s content had to be stopped. Whole websites were being plagiarized. Small and big businesses, were constantly being published without permission.

How soul-destroying is that! But better late than never, DMCA is here.  And this site protects you from plagiarism. It’s the best thing since sliced bread for me anyway.we are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies we review and recommend. we are independently owned and the opinions expressed haere are our own.

My name is Kay Collier and I simply thought that plagiarism had nothing to do with me. Only big business and very successful writers had to be concerned about plagiarism.

My Content was Plagiarized and we Caught the Thieves

Until now when my content was stolen. How did I find out you may ask? Well, I was happily writing my memoir about changes in my childhood. And it all began when my young grandson had a few homework questions to ask me.

My blog was seen and obviously liked by many people who shared complimentary comments. Needless to say, I was thrilled with the flattery.

Curious to know where and how my blog was found I typed in the title of my story. I got quite a few answers to my search and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Tiffany Lambert Deplores Plagiarists

Little did I imagine that the answer to my grandson’s questions could be stolen by someone and claimed as their own. But that’s exactly what happened. I really didn’t know where to turn or who to ask for advice.3 easy steps to protect your content DMCA Protected

Then I remembered a lady who’s writing and products I like very much. I respect and value Tiffany Lambert who often speaks out against plagiarists; she deplores these people, so I asked her advice.

She gave me a link to DMCA, and I can’t emphasize enough, the benefit of Tiffany’s advice and the benefits of DMCA.

3 Easy Steps to Avoid Plagiarism 

You can place a badge on your site for free. And there are even more benefits to be had inside the membership. This is the best thing since sliced bread for me at any rate.

And all the staff members at DMCA are only too willing to help with questions or queries of any kind, to help us all keep our posts and content safe from plagiarization.

It’s so much more rewarding to write your own stuff. You can hold your head high and feel very proud of yourself especially when you get some very nice comments. I got quite a few and was thrilled until I discovered that someone else was claiming my work. But with the help and support of DMCA all thieves were found and shut down.

And you and I can now enjoy writing, knowing that no one else can claim it, if they try, they’d better watch out.

 EzineArticles.com Expert Author

How To Create Your Retirement Invest Successfully

How To Create Your Retirement Invest Successfully

How to create your retirement invest successfully. Wouldn’t you like financial freedom? Of course, you would, with a reasonable financial investment for your retirement. But your meagre pension won’t do it for you, will it? No, I thought not.Regal Assets Banner

And have you, like me, procrastinated for far too long about will I, or won’t I, should I take the risk? But can you create your retirement invest successfully?

Well if you stay safe, and don’t act there won’t be any risk you tell yourself. Investing in something to enable you to relax and look forward to your pending retirement is risky?  

I know, because I’ve been there with my other half with the longest finger, so I know all the ins and outs of this conundrum.

Creating our retirement invest successfully was a bit frightening, was his cry. What if it wasn’t successful? It’s aggravating, stressful and makes your blood boil right? 

I know, I know, hindsight is a wonderful thing and we made the decision just in time, I’m so happy to say. Doesn’t have to be a huge amount we discovered finally. 

But enough to put a spring in your step, and such a great feeling of satisfaction and pure joy. The wellbeing you’ll we are a professional review site and we get pId if anyone buys our affiliate productsexperience cannot be measured. Not to mention the health factor that goes with it.

Know that when you retire you’ll have the means to travel, take up a hobby that you love and not have to consider the expense. Eat-in restaurants you can afford when you fancy.

So, my advice is, to not procrastinate any longer, take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and invest now. Remember it won’t cost an arm and a leg, but what it will do is give you that glorious feeling of health, wealth and freedom. 

You’ve likely worked hard most of your life, so you owe it to yourself. Be kind to you.

To get you started on your research I can tell you something about Regal Assets. I think you’ll like what you read here.

To give you an idea of where to start, you can invest a minimum of $5,000 for cash deals. And you can invest a minimum amount of $10,000 for a precious metal retirement account.

The really good news is that you pay only $250 per year. A flat fee charged for all accounts no matter the value. How good is that?

The company has been the #1 rated alternative assets IRA company in the US since 2009. 

All due to its exceptional customer service and user-friendly rollover process. With offices throughout the US, UK, UAE and Canada.

Like a retirement account investor, you can look forward to more alternative assets in 2020 and beyond. You will also receive specialized help with cryptocurrencies, precious metals and other alternative assets.

 10 Top Reasons to Create Your Invest Successfully

  • The  highest-rated company in the industry for 10 years in a row
  • Hundreds of millions in retirement account transfers
  • Official member of the Forbes Finance Council
  • Rated #20 in the United States for financial services by Inc.Magazine
  • 1,000 + verified client testimonials on Trustlink
  • A + rating with the BBB and AAA rating with BCA and zero complaints
  • Offers segregated storage so retirement accounts are separate and no commingled
  • We offer retirement accounts the option to be stored overseas without taxes or penalties
  • We can buy back metals, any business day of the week and have funds available within 24 hours of sale
  • Our experienced staff is always ready to answer all your questions and provide clarity, so you know everything you need to know about investing with Regal Assets

Tyler Gallagher, the young CEO was accepted into the prestigious Forbes Finance Council, and now leads Regal Assets in the US, helping IRA and 401(K) investors diversify their portfolios with alternative assets like precious metalsRegal Assets Banner
and cryptocurrencies.

I’ll leave you with a friendly quote from Tyler.

“As the CEO of Regal Assets, I strive to build a client

experience like no other in my industry. Through the

years I have carefully collected valuable feedback

and testimonials from Regal Assets’ clientele base

and shaped our client experience around it. Still, to

this day, I continue to gather valuable feedback and

use it to keep our client service experience at a

5-star level. From sending clients chocolates to say

‘thank you’, to having multiple staff on a client account so they never go to voicemail during work

hours, as well as staff who are available via e-mail 24

hours a day 7 days a week, this has truly allowed us

to offer an experience like no other in our industry.”

And if you’d like to read much more interesting stuff inside this package you can do so from this link.   

And remember, at the end of the day, everyone started somewhere. Remember this too, Regal Assets will never try to coerce or push their products on you. They believe in putting you, their customer, first while providing you with as much knowledge and information that you need in making your investment decision.

 Ezine @rticles Expert Author

The Little market of Women Entrepreneurs

The Little Market of Women Entrepreneurs

The Little Market of women entrepreneurs was co-founded by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla. The Little Market was set up for women from Cambodia, the Philippines, Rwanda and India to make and sell their own the little market of entrepreneurial women affiliate disclosure handmade products. And the women became proud entrepreneurs.

I’m not so good at writing blogs but I simply had to write about these two enterprising young women who have started this non-profit organization.

They have helped the little market of women so much throughout the world who otherwise would never have had a chance to live life to the full and aspire to become entrepreneurs in their own right.

‘The Little Market’ is a nonprofit organization, giving entrepreneurial women worldwide an opportunity to earn a decent income. Consumers also have the pleasure of buying these beautiful, handmade homewares and jewellery. Everything is ethically sourced and natural fabrics are also used.I made your bag the little market

And it’s so encouraging to see these little market women coming out of their shells, working for themselves and becoming entrepreneurs. I’d like to give you an idea of some of their handmade wares.

Handmade Products

  1. Layered tassel earrings handcrafted in Cambodia. You can only call these women, skilled entrepreneurs because that’s what they’re proving to be.

     2. Rose gold jewellery also handmade by artisan women in the Philippines.

     3. Handwoven colourful bowls you’d love to have in your kitchen, from Rwanda.

     4. Reusable shopping like the gift and wine bags stitched by artisan women in Bangladesh, using locally sourced jute, which is a very strong material.

    5. Handwoven towels in India, while preserving their traditional weaving practices.

   6. Candles, hand-poured in small batches, taking up to 3 days to complete. And made by young women who recently settled in Massachusetts from refugee camps.

Entrepreneurial Women In The Little Market

You have to admire these hardworking young women who are building a bright and safer future for themselves and their families.

meet the artisansSo, let’s give them an extra leg up by purchasing their beautiful homewares bags and jewellery. They deserve a huge big break and you and I can bring it to them.

So how did The Little Market of Women begin?

Well, Lauren and Hannah became very good friends as they travelled around the world together. Hannah, a human rights activist and Lauren a past reality TV star, now an entrepreneur. A good mix of what they were about to start.


The Little Market currently carries products from 70 artisan groups and social enterprises in over 25 countries and sovereign states. Every purchase at our fair trade shop creates meaningful opportunities for our artisan partners who make each fair trade piece by hand using various cultural techniques. Learn more about the talented artisans we work with by reading their stories below”.

On their travels they came across the most beautiful products, handmade by local artisans in the villages they visited. They were so inspired by these hard-working women that they decided to set up a marketplace where the women could sell their wares.

Hannah, with her lifelong experience in support and volunteering with nonprofit organizations. A head start, you might say. The two then travelled to Uganda and Tanzania, visiting charities that focused on helping women and children. And with their different talents and passions for human rights and fashion, they formed ‘The Little Market’ in 2013. So that today ‘The Little Market’ has 64 groups in 28 countries. the little market sustainable threads


The Little Market currently carries products from 70 artisan groups and social enterprises in over 25 countries and sovereign states. The artisans are from disadvantaged communities and include women, people with disabilities, and individuals living in extreme poverty. We work with co-ops, community-based organizations, and social enterprises that practice fair trade principles and offer important resources to their artisans such as adult literacy classes, micro loan programs, and family healthcare”.

Kudos to Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla for starting this movement for women throughout our world.

Kay Collier, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

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