Here’s an incentive that will end soon along with a few others. 

But don’t panic there’s plenty for everyone.

And by the way, if you don’t have an Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card,now’s the time to get one. With it, you’ll receive a $150 Amazon Gift Card when you’re approved of course.

As a Prime member, you can get wonderful deals on video, which includes 99 cent streaming subscriptions, nice. Do you think that’s good?

There’s more. Amazon’s guide on how to win at Prime Day in order to prepare yourself for the many ways to save. You’ll also be able to check out Amazon’s own Prime Day page for updates.

In the meantime there are some of the bargains still on offer, so hurry, you don’t want to miss out on all that’s left, and there’s a lot! And don’t forget July 4th will have many deals too.

Take the QKK QK03 for example which is Priced at $129.99 and has the latest upgrade Brightness and Resolution for 2021.

Also adopting the latest LCD display technology with brightness to 6500Lux. Resolution is 720P unlike other 480P projectors on sale. 

And the lovely thing is that you can have an indoor and outdoor home theater. Wish my Dad had lived to see just how far technology has come. He loved his Super 8 Projector!

Easily connect withyour home router. Synchronize your smartphone with Lightning/USB cable.No expensive HDMI adaptors.

This Multi-Media Home Theater Projector has AV/USB/Sd/HDMI/VGA/Headphone plug allowing play on PCs, Macs, video games such as PS3/Xbox, blur-ray DVD player, TV stick and more.

A few more details for you here:

QKK is the brand name and QK03 is the model number 

Weighing 3.41 pounds

The package dimensions are 9.61 x 9.34 x 4.41 inches.

And it is not discontinued by the manufacturer.

QKK QK03 has a 3 year 100% satisfied offer and if you have any questions you can contact and get an immediate reply from their professional technical department. What could be fairer than that? If you like that item then you might be interested in quite a few more. You can peruse the “leftovers” here.  

But don’t worry if you miss out on any of the Prime Day Deals “leftovers” the 4 th of July Deals is just around the corner!

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