7 Exercises To Heal Your Back Simply and effectively

7 exercises to heal your back simply and effectively, it’s true, it can be achieved. I know only too well about healing your back. I’m also living proof that you can heal your back with these 7 simple and effective exercises. I stand and dance while working on my PC. 

we are a professional review site and we get pId if anyone buys our affiliate productsYou see when I was quite a young mother with 3 small children I had my first attack of sciatica. It literally bent me over and I felt like an old woman. I couldn’t sit, stand or lie down without pain and discomfort.

You don’t expect this kind of pain when you’re young and you’ve got a young family to look after. It was a trying time, to say the least of it.

It’s one of the most debilitating back pains, travelling all the way down your leg. I remember when it first started, we were at a friend’s house for dinner, and I thought I could forget about it for a few hours.

I never imagined there could be a book with 7 exercises to heal your back simply and effectively. 

An Answer To Healing Your Back Simply And Effectively

Well, I squirmed on our friend’s dining chair for the entire meal, discreetly trying to get some relief, and being too polite to say I need to go home. The pain was so bad but I stupidly sat it out or rather squirmed it out.

My Dad had bouts of Lumbago so I thought I had the same and had inherited it from him, well I probably did. They’re all connected. Anyway, a friend of his, an amateur masseur helped him and he wanted me to have the same treatment.7 exercises to heal your back simply and effectively

I don’t doubt Dad’s friend had a natural talent but I preferred to have a doctor’s opinion. So, I walked to our doctor’s surgery completely bent over and embarrassed. 

I was glad I did because our GP sent me for an Xray to make sure there was nothing sinister lurking around my spine. And thankfully there wasn’t. Please do the same as me, you need to get your doctor’s advice before you do these exercises. The exercise program goes like this.

  • Lying face down
  • Lying face down in extension
  • Extension in lying
  • Extension in standing
  • Flexion in lying
  • Flexion in sitting
  • Flexion in standing

They are not hard or even taxing and when you get used to them and wait for it-the pain has eased or possibly gone. You will thank your lucky stars you found this post. Of course, if your pain is very severe it will obviously take a bit longer. But you do have to follow the exercises to a tee.

A Book Written By Dr Robin McKenzie

And then he introduced me to a book written by Dr Robin McKenzie, a New Zealander who specializes in spinal disorders. My Dr advised me to get this book and make it my Bible, and I did. 

Dr Robin Mc Kenzie is internationally recognized for his understanding and treatment of musculoskeletal problems. And that is why you should have his ‘Bible’ if you have back pain. Or indeed neck pain, shoulder pain or knee pain. 

But one day a friend of mine was in acute pain with no apparent reason so in my enthusiasm to share my wonderful relief I lent her my Bible.  Never got it back, you’d think I’d learned my lesson, no, it had to happen twice before I started letting people know where to get their own Bible.

You Can Manage Your Back Pain

To my mind, Dr Robin Mc Kenzie is a genius and the bee’s knees, because following his advice and exercises I have managed my back problem for years. And when I say managed I mean pain-free for most of that time.

If and when I feel the first twinge I’m down on the floor stopping it in its tracks. I also take his advice on keeping 7 exercises to heal your back simply and effectivelygood posture, as he maintains that 90% of back pain is due to bad posture.

My husband once asked me to describe the pain. And at the time I could only say that if I could cut my leg off at the top of my thigh I might have relief. Thankfully my back problem did not require any drastic operations, only helpful exercises. Combine these with a healthy diet and you’re on a winner.

So get your hands on this inexpensive book, do all the exercises, bending down and picking up heavy objects in the correct way.

Sitting, and standing while keeping your back in the proper posture will give you years of continual relief. And you’ll enjoy your life to the fullest.

And you’ll be pain-free I can promise you that. Do remember to make ‘Treat Your Own Back’ your ‘Bible’, keeping it with you at all times.

Dr Robin McKenzie also wrote, Treat your own Neck, Treat your own Shoulder and Treat your own Knee and Shoulder. Through in his book about treating Spinal Stenosis and you have Mr. Wonderful. You can find all of these remedies on the same page

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