The Little Market of Women Entrepreneurs

The Little Market of women entrepreneurs was co-founded by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla. The Little Market was set up for women from Cambodia, the Philippines, Rwanda and India to make and sell their own the little market of entrepreneurial women affiliate disclosure handmade products. And the women became proud entrepreneurs.

I’m not so good at writing blogs but I simply had to write about these two enterprising young women who have started this non-profit organization.

They have helped the little market of women so much throughout the world who otherwise would never have had a chance to live life to the full and aspire to become entrepreneurs in their own right.

‘The Little Market’ is a nonprofit organization, giving entrepreneurial women worldwide an opportunity to earn a decent income. Consumers also have the pleasure of buying these beautiful, handmade homewares and jewellery. Everything is ethically sourced and natural fabrics are also used.I made your bag the little market

And it’s so encouraging to see these little market women coming out of their shells, working for themselves and becoming entrepreneurs. I’d like to give you an idea of some of their handmade wares.

Handmade Products

  1. Layered tassel earrings handcrafted in Cambodia. You can only call these women, skilled entrepreneurs because that’s what they’re proving to be.

     2. Rose gold jewellery also handmade by artisan women in the Philippines.

     3. Handwoven colourful bowls you’d love to have in your kitchen, from Rwanda.

     4. Reusable shopping like the gift and wine bags stitched by artisan women in Bangladesh, using locally sourced jute, which is a very strong material.

    5. Handwoven towels in India, while preserving their traditional weaving practices.

   6. Candles, hand-poured in small batches, taking up to 3 days to complete. And made by young women who recently settled in Massachusetts from refugee camps.

Entrepreneurial Women In The Little Market

You have to admire these hardworking young women who are building a bright and safer future for themselves and their families.

meet the artisansSo, let’s give them an extra leg up by purchasing their beautiful homewares bags and jewellery. They deserve a huge big break and you and I can bring it to them.

So how did The Little Market of Women begin?

Well, Lauren and Hannah became very good friends as they travelled around the world together. Hannah, a human rights activist and Lauren a past reality TV star, now an entrepreneur. A good mix of what they were about to start.


The Little Market currently carries products from 70 artisan groups and social enterprises in over 25 countries and sovereign states. Every purchase at our fair trade shop creates meaningful opportunities for our artisan partners who make each fair trade piece by hand using various cultural techniques. Learn more about the talented artisans we work with by reading their stories below”.

On their travels they came across the most beautiful products, handmade by local artisans in the villages they visited. They were so inspired by these hard-working women that they decided to set up a marketplace where the women could sell their wares.

Hannah, with her lifelong experience in support and volunteering with nonprofit organizations. A head start, you might say. The two then travelled to Uganda and Tanzania, visiting charities that focused on helping women and children. And with their different talents and passions for human rights and fashion, they formed ‘The Little Market’ in 2013. So that today ‘The Little Market’ has 64 groups in 28 countries. the little market sustainable threads


The Little Market currently carries products from 70 artisan groups and social enterprises in over 25 countries and sovereign states. The artisans are from disadvantaged communities and include women, people with disabilities, and individuals living in extreme poverty. We work with co-ops, community-based organizations, and social enterprises that practice fair trade principles and offer important resources to their artisans such as adult literacy classes, micro loan programs, and family healthcare”.

Kudos to Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla for starting this movement for women throughout our world.

Kay Collier, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

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